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Macon couple creates 'Rona Beach' at home to recreate spring break vacation

Kenny and Kimberly Epps do daily funny activities and post them on Facebook

MACON, Ga. — A lot of folks had to change their spring break vacations this year, but one Macon couple decided if they couldn't go to the beach, they would create their own oasis.

Kimberly and Kenny Epps had planned for a terrific spring break week at Myrtle Beach, but instead, they got sun-soaked days in Lake Wildwood at the "Rona Resort," otherwise known as their backyard. They've decked the place out with fun and daily activities.

"My husband begrudgingly agreed, especially since he can't escape me at this point," Kimberly chuckled.

Well, that's true, and let's just say Kenny is a good sport -- he had to pay for a pedicure at the resort.

"So he wound up owing $3.47 for his deluxe pedicure because that is how much total product he used on his feet," Kimberly figured.

"She got her facial and I got a pedicure. It was interesting, to say the least, but, no, we had a good time," Kenny said with a smile.

They've had a good time with all of it.  There was the beach onesie party, golf day, and lounging by the pool. And, yes, they had everything they needed for all of this at home.

"We have no children, but I'm a 30-plus-year-old woman who asked for a unicorn pool last year, so who knew it was going to come in handy this year?" Kimberly said.

"She is just an entertainer. She knows how to make people laugh, she is fun to be around,"  Kenny said about his wife.

Kimberly and Kenny had anxiety about coronavirus just like the rest of us, but doing this "Rona Beach" has given them a creative outlet to bring joy into their lives, as well as to the lives of others, as they share everything on Facebook.

"It's kind of been crazy -- my husband and I were looking at each other last night -- people are really into our insanity," Kimberly explained. " We've gotten a lot of messages with people saying they look forward to it every day."

Their vacation was supposed to last a week, but Rona Resort could go on for some time.

"We've spoken to management, so we're going to ride it out for a couple of  months. It looks like we're going to be here awhile, Kimberly projected.

The Epps say they're looking forward to jet skiing and water jousting in the coming days.

You can follow them on Facebook.

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