MACON, Ga. — It's a question a lot of people are asking right now -- "Is it safe to go back to your favorite nail salon or restaurant?"

Dr. Lance Slade with Primary Pediatrics has followed the COVID-19 spread closely. He shared his perspective on personal care businesses and restaurants reopening.

"I get the need for these businesses to open up and see their clients, and for their life to come back, because it is a new time that we're in."

We asked him how safe it is for people to visit these places again.

"The pre-COVID world of hair salons and nail salons, places like that, well, that's not OK, but in this new era, I think it is possible."

Dr. Slade says as long as businesses social distance customers and sanitize the workplace, it's just as safe as going to the grocery store. 

"Getting a temperature check or getting screened so that they know that they are safe as they can be. Now, that doesn't eliminate the asymptomatic people, we understand that, but it's doing their best to be wise."

What about hairdressers and nail technicians working in close proximity to you?

"I would say just make sure to maintain the same things that we do elsewhere."

Dr. Slade says as long as you continue washing your hands frequently and not touching your face, then you are still keeping yourself protected.

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