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Some Central Georgians say CDC's new mask guidelines are premature

On Tuesday, the CDC announced that people who are fully vaccinated no longer have to wear masks outdoors as long as they are not in large crowds

MACON, Ga. — The CDC's change in guidance on masks comes just in time for the summer, but what do Central Georgians have to say about it?

People in downtown Macon say it feels like it's too soon to relax.

Iman Hadieh says she has not been vaccinated yet, but she has her first appointment scheduled for this week.

"I think people are more concerned in Macon with life going on as usual," says Hadieh.

She says she feels Tuesday's CDC announcement was premature.

"We're in it so deep at this point with everything being shut down en masse, that we should just stick it through and not have lifted anything -- people should still be required, and a lot of places, you do have to, even if in some places you don't," she says.

The new guidance says people who are fully-vaccinated do not need to wear a mask when outside. 

It also says whether you're vaccinated or not, you can now run, walk, or exercise outdoors as long as you're by yourself or with people who live in your household.

For Subrina Garrett, getting vaccinated was a no-brainer.

"One, I was hospitalized with COVID. I was able to overcome that. Another reason I got it is I work in healthcare, and I feel it's important to be vaccinated, and not only for me not giving it to somebody, but me catching it myself," says Garrett.

Garrett says she also feels like the new CDC guidelines are premature, and she still plans to wear her mask depending on who she's around.

"Occasionally, I'll have it off. It depends on if I'm with relatives, most of my relatives have been vaccinated. However, I have a couple relatives that haven't been, so I may just keep my mask on so I don't do anything to them," she says.