MACON, Ga. — People are starting to feel the coronavirus' economic impact. Whether that's being laid off, or taking a pay cut. 

Financial planner Sherri Goss says it's time to start saving.

She says, "We all need to spend within our means, and I think it will be, I think there will be a lot of behavioral change because of this experience."

So, how do you handle the financial obstacle? Start with three key areas that can drain your bank account. 

"It's time to drink tap water, it's time to cook from scratch, it's time to look up recipes, and get cheap food that is healthy, that you can make in bulk or make enough to last you a few days, at least."

That's right, no more processed pre-packaged foods or drinks. Goss says that's where people really break the bank. 

While you're stuck at home, go ahead and cancel unnecessary subscriptions, like a gym membership. 

"There's tons of opportunities online for learning, education, and workouts. Because everyone is at home, this is becoming a massive thing, so there are lots of things you can do instead of paying a membership you can't use."

You could maybe even consider cutting off the cable and moving to streaming devices instead.

"Embrace the challenge of having to live off less."

Lastly, shop used. Buy clothes or other items on Facebook Marketplace or buy and sell apps like LetGo.

Goss says the best thing to do when saving money is pretty simple -- just have fun with it.

"If you can just experiment around with how much less you can use and how much cheaper you can go. Hopefully, it's something you get addicted to and you start really enjoying saving money."

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