MACON, Ga. — A popular downtown Macon restaurant was re-inspected Thursday by the Department of Public Health following a failing health inspection and its new score shows improvements were made.

On Jan. 29, Parish on Cherry Street received a 55 and on Feb. 7, a follow up inspection yielded a 36-point jump to a score of 91.

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So, what was the cause of the 9-point deduction this time?

According to the official inspection report, it was because employees were wearing watches while preparing food (3 points), plates near a fryer were face up and uncovered (1 point), cutting boards were heavily scratched and cut up (1 point), there’s too much space between the wall and floor by the ice machine (1 point), and rodent droppings were found near the dry storage area (3 points).

To see the DPH report for yourself, click here.