WARNING: This story may turn clean freaks white as a sheet!

A new survey shows some Americans only wash their bed sheets once or twice a year.

In the non-scientific Home Hygiene Survey, data crunchers at Coyuchi asked 1,000 people about their linen-cleaning habits. The results were surprising, and in some cases, downright disgusting.

Here are the numbers for how often Americans wash their sheets:

Once a week: 39% (Good for you!)
Once or twice a month: 44% (Not gonna judge)
Once a quarter: 11% (Ewwwww)
Once or twice a year 5% (Two words: Dust.Mites.)
Let’s hope that five-percent who rarely wash them are among the 38% of Americans who replace their sheets every year. Thirty-percent replace them every couple of years and 14% say they rarely replace them.

Source: Coyuchi.com