DE SOTO, Mo. – It started with just a cough and sore throat, but then it got worse.

Wyatt Boyer, 8, has the flu.

He has been in the hospital for two weeks and is unable to breathe on his own.

His parents, Casey and Mitchell Boyer, are praying for a miracle.

The Boyers have three kids and all three got the flu this year.

Wyatt's siblings got better. Wyatt, on the other hand, is on an ECMO machine at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

Casey Boyer said the machine is like an artificial lung for her son.

She said Wyatt did not get the flu shot. He has Influenza A with a subcategory of H1N1.

Boyer said the flu wiped his immune system and a staph infection took over. On top of that, he got double pneumonia.

"I'm trusting God has my son taken care of and I'm scared but I know that He's in control," Boyer said.

For two weeks, she and her husband have not heard their son's voice. Meanwhile, doctors have been vocal about what's going on with him.

"I love these doctors and I consider them family because they're taking care of my son," Boyer said.

Outside of the hospital, people are helping, too. Through a GoFundMe account, they donated more than $1,000 in two days.

"I just can't believe the reaction we've had since," Boyer said. "How many people love our son and how many people he's touched their lives."