SAN ANTONIO — In case you couldn't tell by the string of 100-degree days, it's still summer in San Antonio. Yet flu shots are now available in the Alamo City months ahead of the official "flu season."

Signs are sprouting up around the city for flu shots at area pharmacies. CVS Pharmacy said they received their vaccines the first week of August.

"Come in any time. We’re open and you’re available to get a flu shot," said CVS Pharmacy District Leader Heather Baggs. "Most insurances cover it with a zero copay."

It may feel early, but the shot often comes out this time of year -- and the timing is dependent on a number of factors.

"It depends on the private manufacturers that make the flu vaccines," UT Health San Antonio Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Jason Bowling explained. "This year, there was some concern the vaccine might come out later because it took them a little longer to figure out what strains to put in there."

The Center for Disease Control advises that individuals should receive their flu shots by the end of October. So is August too soon?

San Antonio's Metro Health District - and UT Health - said you should go ahead and get it.

“Flu season typically runs from October through around the end of April. Our peak activity is usually January, February," Dr. Bowling said. It takes about 2 weeks to work, so its better to get it early, before flu season starts."

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