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Georgia surpasses 1,000 monkeypox cases

Georgia is fifth in the nation for cases, ranking alongside states with much higher populations, such as Texas.

ATLANTA — Georgia has surpassed 1,000 monkeypox, according to the latest count published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The most recently updated CDC case count map lists Georgia with 1,013 cases - the fifth most in the nation. That ranks the state alongside states with much higher populations, such as Texas.

It's unclear how many of those cases would still be considered "active" - the first case in Georgia was reported at the beginning of June, and according to the CDC, the illness usually lasts 2-4 weeks. 

Most of Georgia's cases have spiked within the last few weeks; however, about 300 were reported before the end of July.

The Georgia Department of Public Health recommends anyone who has tested positive for monkeypox to isolate from people and pets. 

"Ideally, people with monkeypox should stay home until the rash has fully healed, the scabs have fallen off, and a fresh layer of skin has formed," the agency states.

They advise anyone with symptoms to stay home and call their medical provider or local health department for testing. A test will only be performed if you exhibit a rash, bumps or sores.

You can use this GaDPH portal to confirm your eligibility for the monkeypox vaccine and begin the process of arranging a vaccine appointment.


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