CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Charlotte father of three is lucky to be alive after his heart stopped beating for more than a half hour.

John Ogborn says he owes his life to two quick thinking CMPD officers. The officers performed CPR on him for 38 minutes straight, totaling about 2,000 compressions.

“I’m pinching myself that all these things happened that allowed me to still be here,” Ogborn said. “I’m pretty floored, pretty humbled.”

Ogburn was working at Panera Bread when he went in to cardiac arrest and collapsed.

His heart stopped and he slipped into a coma.

“We’re blown away by the first responders,” his wife Sarabeth said.

Officers Lawrence Guiler and Nikolina Bajic happened to be right around the corner and were at Panera within minutes. They immediately started CPR.

“And kept going in the ambulance,” Sarabeth said. “They didn’t stop.”

For 38 minutes straight, all the way to the hospital, even after emergency response said he probably wouldn’t survive.

After weeks of recovery, the Ogburn family finally got to thank their heroes Tuesday.

“He looks a little different now,” Officer Bajic laughed. “It’s a very special moment.”

“We didn’t want to give up,” Guiler added. “I feel really good, it really reminds why we’re here as police officers.”

Amazingly, John suffered only short term memory loss and is making a full recovery.