A homeowner rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey found a massive beehive behind her walls.

She knew she was living with some bees before the storm, but she had no idea how many.

It’s a three-bedroom house off Beechnut, painted green with shuttered windows. Inside, it’s another home gutted by Harvey, but hidden between the walls lives a colony of a different kind.

“This looks like the brand new hive right here," homeowner Karen Knight said.

Knight was standing inside her bathroom alongside her bees.

“They’re just hovering over their little holes and coming in and out and just working all day," Knight said.

She’s always known they were there.

“I would say a good 20 years," Knight said.

But demolition from Hurricane Harvey exposed the reality of just how many.

“I was like, 'Oh, my gosh. Look at all these bees,'" Knight said.

She says her contractor ran the other way, but she didn't.

“I can't believe it, look at all that honey! I was very excited," Knight said.

It's not the reaction you’d expect, but today, many of the bees are gone, and Knight doesn’t know why.

She hopes to save the rest and find a new home for her little honeys.

“I just hope they get to keep going and flowering everything," Knight said.

With the help of GOTCHA Pest Control, Knight will be having the bees safely removed this weekend.