At Shirley Hills Elementary School, kindergarteners in Ashley Watkins' and Barbara Campbell's class are authors. The students in the class wrote and illustrated the book, Barky the Mouse. Family and faculty celebrated these 5- and 6-year-old authors at their book signing.

Barbara Campbell is proud of her students.

"They were a part of everything that happened on each and every page. They took a part in illustrating each page of the book, and it just turned out to be more amazing than I could ever imagine," said Campbell.

Traci Jackson, the Principal of Shirley Hills Elementary, said that kindergarten is a pivotal moment in their students' educations where her teachers and staff encourage kids to pick up books and practice their writing.

"Sometimes, those imaginary characters that our kids write about, that for them, those characters are real, and so through this book, through Barky, they've actually brought this character to life," said Jackson.

The book has a plot twist where forgiveness is the message.

It was inspired by 6-year-old Carson Stanley. I asked him where the idea came from.

"In my head, yeah, because I turned it into a book, Barky,"said Stanley.

Ashley Watkins said that an age limit should never determine potential.

"It is so important for them to realize that you can't put an age on the things that you can accomplish in life," said Watkins.

The book started off as an e-book and then LitFire Publishing sponsored and donated all of the books for the class.

Barky the Mouse can be found on Amazon, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble, or on LitFire Publishing for around $8.