Drivers in Jones County need to know that starting this Thursday, passing a stopped school bus will yield them a ticket.

They've installed cameras on the bus driver's side that will record when motorists go by a school bus with its stop sign out.

Last week, Jones County recorded 12 stop-arm violations in one day.

Now, if you pass a bus with one of these cameras installed, you'll receive a $300 ticket from the Jones County Sheriff's Department.

Bus driver Don Rooks drops off high schoolers on Gray Highway.

He frequently sees violations and thinks the fine should be higher.

"We're dealing with kids. Kids' safety. If you don't think about anything else in this world, think about your kids," insists Rooks. "If your kids are riding the school bus, you want to know that everything's being done to get them to school safe and get them back home safe. And if it takes giving people tickets, give them tickets."

The cameras were installed by Gatekeeper Systems for free. They get half of the profits from stop-arm violation tickets.

The Jones County Sheriff's Department and school district split the rest, and will use the money for student safety projects.