MACON, Ga. — Some Jones County homeowners are having well issues and say they want the county to do something about it. Sabrina Burse tells us why the county says adding water lines to the Flats Shoals Road area could be hard to do.

"We went through three wells prior to this one," said Dean Wood.

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Homeowner Dean Wood says his family had to pay for a fourth well because the other ones they installed dried up.

"Finding water in Jones County is a struggle because we live on a flat bed formation," said Wood. 

Wood says an outside company found a good place in his backyard to install their current well. He says before the installation, they had many issues some homeowners are still dealing with. 

"Sometimes with the wells contamination and such like is an issue," said Wood. 

Amber Smith told 13WMAZ in a Facebook message her family has to ration the water they get from their well. 

"In my household, we have to space out showers and at times go days and even have been weeks without water," said Smith. 

Wood says adding a water system would save time and money for homeowners.

 "A county water system out here would be a blessing," said Wood. 

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Jones County administrator Jason Rizner says adding water lines to areas like Flat Shoals Road could be a project that costs anywhere between $5 million to $6 million.

"Certainly understand that there are those issues out there and we'd love to be able to reach some of those customers, but the cost of those expansions has just prevented us from doing that," said Rizner. 

Wood says he understands funds for the water have to come from some where. 

"I know a county system is costly. It's a part of moving out in the country," said Wood. 

Rizner says the county services water to about 4,000 homeowners in Jones County.