Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex says they want to hire 1,200 new workers in 12 months, or by the end of fiscal year 2019.

The Complex announced their '1,200 in 12' hiring initiative Wednesday morning.

"It was just over a year ago we stood at this very spot and many of you from our local delegation were here when we rolled out the first Global Hawk we did. In that year, we’ve now inducted our first J-Stars aircraft for PDM. We brought in our very first Marin Corps C-130. This has been the most consequential year for new workload growth in over a decade," said Brigadier General John Kubinec, Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex commander

7,200 personnel currently work for the Complex, providing maintenance and repair for several aircrafts and components, as well as the development of software.

The Complex says they need new workers because of an increase in workload.

"What makes this new work possible is the professionalism and patriotism of our world-class workforce. Without them and their commitment, there is no air power. As we continue to grow our workload, it requires us to grow our workforce," said Kubinec. "I believe that growth is only just the beginning."

Skills and specialists needed include engineers, electronics mechanics, sheet metal mechanics, painters, aircraft mechanics, information technology specialists and computer scientists.

Kubinec also thanked Sen. David Perdue and Congressman Austin Scott for their work on the Committee on Armed Services, which now allows the base to have direct hiring authority. This means that hiring for these jobs -- and future ones -- is expected to be much faster.

"I want to tell you how pleased I am to be back in my hometown today. We would not be here if not for the success of this base over the years, particularly in the last couple of years. Would you have believed we’d be sitting here talking about the Global Hawk today," asked Perdue. "I want to tell you the direct hire capability was not easy, but it’s going to bring more people here faster. 1,200 in 12 months is a big job, but it’s not just about the jobs, it’s about our national security...this President is committed to rebuilding our armed services."

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