If were looking for a job, Wednesday was a good day.

Robins Air Force Base leaders announced a plan to hire 1,200 new employees within the next 12 months.

But job seekers aren't the only ones who will benefit.

"We already know that Robins Air Force base is the economic engine of middle Georgia but this just enforces it, this is the great news," said Chrissy Miner, president and CEO of the 21st Century Partnership.

The announcement got so much interest that the website with application information crashed.

"The site was down briefly just because it was overwhelmed by the traffic, but to me, that's very encouraging," said Miner. "That means there are job seekers out there."

Angie Gheesling, executive director of the Houston County Development Authority, says when those job seekers get hired they don't just benefit the base.

"You don't have to have anything to do with the base, it's going to reach you and have an effect ," said Gheesling.

She says that effect is a good one. It can stimulate local businesses' bottom lines and sometimes even kickstart their own hiring processes.

"The revenue goes up for these businesses its an opportunity to then continue that hiring cycle," said Gheesling.

Ken McCall knows all about the base's impact on local business. He's owned McCall's Sandwich Shop on Watson Boulevard for close to 30 years and says base employees are "60 to 70 percent" of his customer base.

He said the new job announcement is "encouraging" to small business owners.

"Sometimes we have peaks and valleys and when we hear we're going to be having 1,200 more people come into the area -- potential customers -- it kind of brightens your day," said McCall.

Base public affairs estimates that these new jobs will generate close to $70 million in annual economic impact in Central Georgia.


  • Visit www.workatrobins.com for more information.
  • The Complex also recommends visiting www.USAJobs.gov to keep updated on the application process and job postings.
  • Resumes can also be emailed to wralc.recruitment@us.af.mil