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13WMAZ's Frank Malloy remembers legendary anchor Tina Hicks as 'kind, caring, and compassionate'

13WMAZ anchor Frank Malloy remembers his friend Tina Hicks as an articulate, authoritative, and reassuring voice for thousands of Central Georgians every night.

MACON, Ga. — For many years, when you talked about 13WMAZ News, you talked about Tina Hicks. She was a hometown success story trusted by you when it came to giving you all the news from around Central Georgia.

She told stories that touched people's lives for nearly 30 years before leaving the anchor desk in 1999.

Tina passed away Tuesday night after battling health issues for several years.

13WMAZ's Frank Malloy worked alongside Tina for many years, and now he shares what he will remember most about the Central Georgia legend.

Frank says, "I will always remember Tina as an articulate, authoritative, and reassuring voice for thousands of Central Georgians every night."

"I will remember her as a kind, caring, and compassionate person who respected other people, even when that respect was not always reciprocated."

"I will remember Tina as a mentor to many people. I would rarely walk by her office and not find someone sitting inside seeking her counsel on everything from work to relationships to family matters."

"I will remember her as a gifted anchor and I would always marvel at how she could take words printed on a page and turn them into thoughts and feelings and emotions that made people care about and trust what she was saying."

"I will remember Tina as a proud person -- proud of her family and her children Katina and Kevin, proud of where she grew up in south Macon, and proud of her role in the community where she provided a bright light for others to follow."

"We have all lost people we were close to in 2020 -- family and friends who touched our lives. I find comfort knowing they can all sit back and once again listen to Tina Hicks tell them what's happening, Straight from the Heart."

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