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2 Fairview Park Hospital nurses welcome babies days apart

2 Laurens County nurses just welcomed their babies into the world.

MACON, Ga. — Two Laurens County nurses just welcomed their babies into the world. Not only were the babies born days apart, but both nurses work at the same hospital. 

"She told me, and two days later, I told her," Taylor Taylor said about finding out her friend was pregnant.  

Since middle school, Hillary Kennison and Taylor Taylor have been best friends. Growing up, they never thought their kids would be born just six days apart.

"We were so excited to know we were having them at the same time, and then it was probably a month or more later we found out we had the same due date," Hillary Kennison said. 

Both nurses work at Fairview Park Hospital in Labor and Delivery, so it's ironic they both welcomed babies during this uncertain time.

How has it been bringing new life into this world during this pandemic?

Kennison said, "The hospital has put so many precautions in place, so have the doctor's offices, I know we have been protected, and I knew when we went into delivery they would have all of that in place." 

Taylor says having someone to sympathize with made the experience better. 

"Everybody on the floor, just about, they have children so they understand, but nobody is doing it together, so at night when we get at home and they are like, 'Ugh, my back hurts,' I'm like, 'Yeah, I know,'" Taylor said.

On May 14th, Stella Jade Kennison was born with Taylor's help. 

"The second time, it was a no-brainer. I asked, it is definitely going to me this time, so I got to see both of those girls come into the world," Taylor said.

Six days later, Ellis Greer Taylor was welcomed with open arms. 

"We had so much fun going through this pregnancy together and Taylor is already like, 'Don't you want to do it again?' But it's been fun," Kennison said. 

"So our oldest two love one another, and I'm sure these newest two will love one another, and we look forward to many play dates when we can, and watching them grow up together," Taylor said. 

Both moms say their kids already hang out with each other, and they are looking forward to their new bundles of joy doing the same. 

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