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Are you making this mistake with your mask?

A mistake you could be making is where you put your mask when you’re done with it.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Wearing a mask is easy, right? Well, wearing it, maybe (remember, you need to cover both your nose and your mouth). But putting it on and taking it off, maybe not so much.

Dr. Zoe Stallings from Cone Health explained many people make a common mistake when taking off their masks. 

“People will pull their mask from the front, that is inappropriate as well. It's contaminated by your hands, so reach behind your ears to take it off,” Dr. Stallings said. 

Another mistake you could be making is where you put your mask when you’re done with it. “They will throw it in a pocket and put it back on. You have now just soiled everything and you're putting it back on your face. So, put it in a bag when you're done wearing it and wash it when you get home.”

The easy fix? Keep a Ziploc or a paper bag in your purse or car and stick your mask in there and not in your purse or pocket.

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In case you missed it, Dr. Stallings answered several other frequently asked questions.

How often should you clean your cloth mask?

ANSWER: Daily.  

DON'T DO THIS: Not with a spray disinfectant, not with alcohol swabs.. soap and water. 

INSTEAD DO THIS: In the sink or the washer and dry it on high heat.

Where do you need to wear a mask?

ANSWER: When you're around people -- whether outside or inside.

DON'T NEED TO DO THIS: You don't need to wear it in the car if you're alone.

Who should wear a mask? 

ANSWER: Everyone.

She says if you don't like the feel of the cloth mask, you're really not going to like the feel of the breathing mask if you're hospitalized.