Documents 13WMAZ obtained from a civil complaint filed against Jacob Wiggins and Cool Breeze Pools and Spas show a similar trend to his criminal charges.

The complaint alleges that Wiggins was paid for work that was never completed and the job site was eventually abandoned.

The complaint for breach of contract, negligent construction, and damages was filed in February of 2017 in Houston County Superior Court.

Doctor Larry Gattis of Hawkinsville filed the complaint. Gattis is married to Anita Gattis, the sister of Tara Grinstead. Grinstead was the Irwin County teacher that was missing for more than a decade.

The complaint says that Wiggins was hired in August of 2016, Gattis paid $93,000 in “good faith” and then the “Defendants abandoned the construction project leaving it unfinished which required the Plaintiff to hire another contractor to complete the project,” the complaint reads.

The complaint also includes two signed affidavits from former employees. The two employees, Johnny Brady and Christian Linne say Wiggins told them to take stone from the project. However, their affidavits say they found out later the stone belonged to Gattis.

Both affidavits say the stone was worth $3,000 and was still in Wiggins’ shop. Brady also says in his affidavit that he took a diving board that was not returned.

Brady and Linne ended their affidavits saying Wiggins had not been at the job site since Thanksgiving of 2016.

In a Final Order from the Court, signed July 7th, Judge Edward Lukemire says Gattis was to recover $101,283.65 from Wiggins and Cool Breeze. The order also says Wiggins was not present when the case was heard on June 20, 2017 in Superior Court.

Wiggins is currently charged with three felony counts of theft by conversion.