MACON, Ga. — Macon-Bibb County currently has nine people who have formally announced their plans to run for mayor. 

Mayor Robert Reichert steps down next year after 12 years in the mayor's office. 

However, nothing is official until candidates pay $3,000 to the Board of Election and qualify next March. 

Some of the first to announce were familiar faces in local politics, such as Bibb School Board president and local attorney Lester Miller.

Then, there is rabbi and current county commissioner, Larry Schlesinger.

There's also Bibb Commissioner Virgil Watkins, who has already started up his campaign website.

There are also people that are familiar because of work they've done around the community like Stanley Stewart, a community organizer and former educator; Verbin Weaver, an activist and the Bibb County Democratic Party Vice Chair; and Charles Olson, who manages the 1842 Inn Bed and Breakfast on College Street. 

Other newcomers saying they plan to run include businesswoman Chatavia Callaway, Robins Air Force Base worker Michael McKeever, and businessman Blake Sullivan.

Here's the running list. We've included links to the available Facebook pages and/or sites of the candidates so you can learn more about each one.