We have reported for several years on Bibb County's plans to widen parts of Bass Road, but we decided to take a closer look after a recent car accident near the Bowman Road intersection.

Tuesday, the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office says a teenager drifted into the other lane of traffic while looking down to adjust his seatbelt and hit a car coming toward him.

For 32 years, Alfred Graham says he has called a house off of Macon’s Bass Road home.

“When we moved here, I don’t think there were 50 cars going up and down it all day long,” says Graham.

However, he says that quickly changed as new developments came to the area.

“And now there are thousands of cars going up and down it all the time,” says Graham.

He says even though the area grew, the roads did not.

“Cars would come along this low curve and there'd be a car trying to turn into here, and I mean look out,” says Graham.

Graham says there is no shoulder for cars coming up and down Bass, so he says he wants to see the county widen the road.

“I think it would make life safer for all of us that live around here,” says Graham.

Commissioner Gary Bechtel says they are trying to make the roads safer through the SPLOST and a new transportation sales tax that voters could approve come May.

“Unless we widen the bridge over 75, you’re really not doing anything. You’re putting everything into a funnel,” says Bechtel.

Bechtel says if the TSPLOST goes through, it would generate about $34 million to widen Bass Road from New Forsyth Road to Westchester Drive.

“You want to make it easier for people to get in and out and not have to worry about accidents and things like that,” says Bechtel.

From there, Bechtel says they could look into using SPLOST funds to widen other parts of Bass Road, like in front of Graham’s house.

“They have my 100% cooperation,” says Graham. He says he is just ready to see some improvements.

People can vote on the transportation sales tax in May, but if it does not go through Bechtel says they will have to consider state funding to match the SPLOST dollars.