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5th child tests positive for E. coli after Georgia National Fair

More than 850 fairgoers have filled out an online questionnaire posted by the state to help confirm the source of the bacteria

PERRY, Ga. — The Georgia Department of Public Health says they’ve now confirmed a total of five E. coli cases among children who attended the Georgia National Fair. That’s one more case than they reported Thursday.

Spokesman Michael Hokanson says three of the five are hospitalized. He said the numbers could rise as they get back lab results and reports from doctors.

So far, Hokanson said more than 850 fairgoers have filled out an online questionnaire posted by the state. That information could help state health officials confirm the source of the dangerous bacteria.

Anyone that went to the fair can fill out that questionnaire here. They say you can fill it out even if you did NOT get sick.

E. coli is a bacteria that can cause diarrhea, cramps, nausea, and even kidney damage in some severe cases. It can be passed in several ways, like eating raw vegetables and undercooked ground beef.

It can also be spread person-to-person on unwashed hands and surfaces, or by touching animals at petting zoos.

Ginny Crouse is the mother of two of the four children who tested positive. 

"On Friday, she was dancing on the floor. On Saturday, she wasn't even walking. It was a dramatic turn," Crouse said as she described her daughter's condition. "Zoey is 1 and Campbell is 3. Campbell, luckily, wasn't one of the 15% that developed HUS.” 

Stacey Wooddell says her daughter Skyler was the third child who tested positive. 

"She's had dialysis 3-4 times, multiple blood transfusions, platelet transfusions. We're now turning the corner where she is getting better," Wooddell said.

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