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This 8-year-old in Gloucester had a different type of birthday wish.

“It’s wonderful to see children understanding the need for projects like this."
Credit: Quinton B. Sheppard
From left, Isaac O'Shields (birthday boy), is shown with Amelia Charest, Tobias O’Shields, Hugh O’Shields, Xavier Charest, Mariam Charest and Preston

GLOUCESTER, Va. — A birthday party for an 8-year-old typically consists of lots of presents, a party with friends and a themed cake. 

But for his birthday, Isaac O'Shields, a resident of Gloucester, wanted something different. 

He wanted to help his community for his special day. So, he asked his mother if he could do a community cleanup project. 

She quickly took to Facebook with her request and was connected to the right resources. 

On Veteran's Day, Isaac, his friends and several parents spent over an hour walking down Main Street and picking up different types of trash. 

They ended the afternoon with two large bags full of litter and lots of smiles.

“The kids had a great time,” Christine Shields, Isaac's mother, said. 

“They kept asking when they could do it again.” 

If you're a resident of Gloucester County and you're interested in hosting a cleanup event, contact Clean Community at 804-693-5370 or email cleancommunity@gloucesterva.info

“I was overjoyed when I heard that Isaac chose to help the community for his special day,” said Sherry Kosakowski, Gloucester’s Clean Community Coordinator. 

“It’s wonderful to see children understanding the need for projects like this. You will be surprised how much fun kids can have when you give them a grabber and a bucket! One cleanup can make a huge impact. Thank you, Isaac and friends!”

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