A four-day traffic detail by multiple agencies in Bibb County during the 4th of July weekend ended with more than 25 arrests.

A release from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety also broke down the more than 500 of citations as follows:

  • 26 commercial vehicle violations
  • 155 seatbelt violations
  • 39 child seat violations
  • 183 speed violations
  • 24 DUIs
  • 21 suspended licenses
  • 89 other misc. traffic citations

The release also says they made 12 drug arrests, seven felony arrests, and caught nine fugitives.

Cpt. Brad Wolfe with the Bibb Sheriff’s Office says the tickets start at $15 and go up, but the message is life-saving.

“The laws are in place for your safety, and that's what we want people to remember," says Wolfe. “When you get in the car, buckle your seat belt. Concentrate on driving, don't be distracted by your phone. These things are very important to keep from injuring yourself and someone else.