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A closer look at bodycam video showing Brianna Grier's arrest, fall from Hancock County cruiser

In the video, Lt. Primus asks Deputy Legette, "How'd she jump out of the car? There's gotta be a lock in the back…We gotta do a report."

MACON, Ga. — Bodycam video shows Brianna Grier's arrest and what happened after she fell from a Hancock County deputy's cruiser.

Grier was injured early on the morning on July 15 and died six days later in an Atlanta hospital.

We first brought you portions of that video on-air Friday night. 

Much of the video is disturbing. It shows Grier in a mental-health crisis outside her parents' home struggling with deputies. It also shows how the deputies reacted.

On-air on 13WMAZ, we’re only showing portions of the video without audio of Grier struggling out of respect for her family and because it’s disturbing. 

You can find the full bodycam video here or on our YouTube channel. 

The 10-minute bodycam video shows Lt. Marlin Primus and Deputy Timothy Legette arriving at the Grier home before 1 a.m. on July 15.

Her parents called for help, saying she was screaming and banging on their door. Deputies arrested her for public drunkenness.

In the video, you see Grier yelling at deputies over and over. She screams, “I'm not drunk.” “I haven't had anything to drink.” “Bring out your breathalyzer!”

The deputies try to carry her to their cruiser but lose their grip. Grier struggles and screams. She then falls to the ground.  

About 90 seconds into the video, one of the deputies opens the rear driver's side door. Grier tells them she won't go to jail. “I betcha I hang myself as soon as I get in there,” Grier said. 

Primus takes out his taser and says, “I know how to get her up.”

She tells them, “You can tase me. I don't care.”

But finally deputies get her into the cruiser’s backseat and shut the door.

Primus asks, “You got the other side closed.” Legette responds “Yeah.”

But the Georgia Bureau of Investigation this week said that wasn't right. The deputies forgot to close and lock the passenger-side back door.

Grier seems to be quiet for a few minutes in the video while the deputies search for a Bluetooth device lost during the struggle. 

The body cam video then shows Legette gets behind the wheel and calls dispatch. He's says he’s heading in with a 10-95, meaning a prisoner in custody.

He drives for less than a minute before realizing Brianna Grier is missing from the backseat. 

He steps out of the car to see her face down by the side of the road.

"She jumped out of the car" Legette tells Primus who was in another cruiser. The two men pat her face and back trying to revive her.an They say, "C'mon Brianna."

Primus then asks, "How'd she jump out of the car? There's gotta be a lock in the back… We gotta do a report."

Legette's bodycam then shows a close up of Grier who's alive but unconscious. "She's fine,” Primus said. "She's breathing."

Brianna Grier's family is still asking for an independent autopsy to determine her cause of death.

The family made their request known at a news conference Friday.

They were joined by civil rights attorney Ben Crump and the NAACP. 


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