"I hate to say this, but it was probably a day of hell for these little horses," said the owner of Buck Creek County Farms, Jay Schuman.

A Pulaski County family is alleging that five miniature horses were killed by two stray dogs on their farm. Schuman describes what he said was a horrific day for the little horses.

Buck Creek Farms is full of animals -- dogs, llamas, chickens, roosters, goats -- and is usually full of happiness. The feeling of normalcy changed February 4, when he got a phone call about his ponies.

"She told me there were dead horses and blood everywhere and I need to get out here right now," Schuman said.

Three of the females that were killed.

When Schuman arrived on the scene he could not believe what he saw.

"When I got here, sure enough, it was almost like a nightmare. Really when she first said that, I said, 'You gotta be kidding,'" Schuman said.

Now, Schuman and his wife Joan Schuman are trying to put the pieces together since the attack.

"We had 17 miniature horses and they killed 5 of them and wounded 1, and we still have that one that has some pretty good cuts on her face," Schuman said.

Schuman is not sure how the dogs broke through the gates he has set up all over his farm.

"They got through these gates here, which I wouldn't have thought. They forced their way through these gates at the bottom there because there was blood all over the gate and also the post here, there was blood all over it," Schuman said.

Now he's concerned for the safety of the animals on the farm and wonders where the dogs are at now.

"What we are worried about now, 'Where are they at? Are they out of the state? Are they out of the county?' These dogs have tasted blood and they are dangerous," Schuman said.

Schuman and his wife will continue taking care of the farm, but said the ponies were like their own kids.

Schuman spoke with Sheriff Danny Brannen and told us that the sheriff's office captured two bloody pit bulls near his farm. Sheriff Brannen would not comment because the case is still under investigation.