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'A great way to advocate for fitness': Central Georgia moms workout together, watch each other's kids

Mamie Simmons became an iStroll instructor because she wanted to see more families practicing health lifestyles.

MACON, Ga. — Mamie Simmons saw the need for more ways to stay active, but for parents. She says she saw some parents were not comfortable taking their kids to the day care in the gym or they needed to be around likeminded parents to stay active, so she decided to become an iStroll instructor.

"We really think it's a great way advocate for fitness and wellness amongst families," Simmons said.

iStroll is for "moms with strollers" who want to get out and be active but have small children. Moms and dads of all levels can come to either Macon or Warner Robins location to get in a set of squats. Simmons says this is a good way for kids to get involved and say active.

"We just want to create a space for them. A space for them come, get in a workout that's at their level so they can show up and they can be a brand new beginner and they can take the level one moves and do those. They can take the level two as they're getting stronger, and then we have moms who are lifelong athletes who show up and they can go at the level three and get in a really, really great an hour long workout," Simmons said.

Kelly Elmore just joined the group a month ago after her and her husband moved back to Georgia two months ago. She says she was always looking for a mom workout group.

"You get social time for both you and your kiddo, outside time, exercise, all in one," Elmore said.

Even after a month of sweat and grind, Elmore says she can already feel herself getting stronger, but she likes relating to the other moms.

"You have like built-in community that will be there for you and your kiddos, we have 'Moms night out,' we have different types of activities," Elmore said.

You can be a beginner or an experienced athlete, like Courtney Lake who has been coming since 2018 when her son was one-and-a-half. Lake liked it so much that she became an instructor. Lake says there is a workout for every mom. 

"You can do it at any level that you want to, whether that means you are pregnant and you need to modify, we make modifications for that. If you are ready to go at it and do as much as you can do that as well. It doesn't matter," Lake said.

iStroll meets three to four times a week and anyone is welcomed to join. The first session is free and after that a single class cost $7. There is a monthly price or five- to 10-class pricing, too. The free week is August 22-26. You can register here.

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