The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say gun accidents hurt about 50 children under 14 years old per day nationwide.

Two accidents happened Thursday right here in Central Georgia.

One teen died after accidentally shooting himself, and another teen was playing with a handgun when the gun fired, hitting a toddler in Macon.

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office says a 16-year-old accidently shot 2-year-old Terrion Rice.

They say Terrion is still at the Medical Center, Navicent Health in critical but stable condition.

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When officers showed up, they were getting conflicting stories from witnesses.

They later found out it was not drive-by related and there were no adults in the home.

Inside, there were teens ranging from ages 14-17.

Police says a 16-year-old in the home was playing with a handgun when it fired, striking the boy who turned 2 Friday.

At this time, no charges have been filed.

In Warner Robins, police say a 19-year-old died early Thursday from a gunshot wound to the chest.

When officers got to Windsor Drive, they found Dante Tobias' body and called it a suspicious death. After an autopsy, his death was ruled an accidental self-inflicted wound.

Neighbors in both places say these accidents are shocking.

Sergeant Linda Howard says there are a few ways people can stay safe when dealing with firearms and children.

Sgt. Howard says, "You can always replace a lock, you can always replace a gun, but you can never replace a life."

Sgt Howard says you can purchase a childproof lock for your firearm, buy a safe, or store your firearm away from children.

"Unload the gun and put the ammunition in one place and the gun in another. Never leave your firearm in your vehicle because someone else can get a hold of it," Sgt. Howard said.

The CDC says 500 children die from accidental gunshot wounds each year, about 10 a week.