GREENSBORO, N.C. — 3 a.m. Saturday, chaos at the Exxon gas station on West Gate City Boulevard. Greensboro Police say violence erupted, and a fight led to the death of 30-year-old Zanelle Tucker. Five other victims were taken to the hospital. Police say three of the five have life threatening injuries, and the other two have non-critical injuries. 

The weapon? A car, running the victims over. 28-year-old Meranda Watlington and 27-year-old Fana Felton have been charged with First Degree Murder and five counts of Attempted First Degree Murder. They both appeared in court on Monday.  

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On Tuesday, both the accused murderer's mothers exclusively spoke to WFMY News 2. Their lawyers advised them not to get into the specifics of the case, or what exactly happened that fateful night. 

But they want to spread several powerful messages: stop the violence, promote peace, and 'I'm sorry.' They said whatever happened that night, wasn't worth it. 

Mary Jay Chatman is the mom of Meranda Watlington. When we interviewed her, she kept saying over and over again "I'm sorry, I'm just so sorry, my condolences to the Tucker family."

Paula Edmondson is the mom of accused murderer Fana Felton. She mirrored Chatman's condolensces, and screamed "we need to stop the violence toward one another!"

They both put out flowers and balloons at the Exxon gas station Tuesday afternoon.

"I'm sorry for the victims in the hospital, my condolences to the Tucker family, my heart goes out to everybody," Chatman said. "I'm so numb, I can't move," she continued.

Chatman said she was able to speak to victim Zanelle Tucker's family at the courthouse Monday. She said they all embraced. 

"The uncle {of Zanelle} lifted my shades up, and wiped my tears away and we just hugged on each other," she explained tearfully. "And I think it was her aunt, we embraced and cried and loved on each other."

Chatman says she wishes there was something she could do.

"I cant bring their loss back but I'm so deeply sorry, I really am." 

Both mothers couldn't comment on their daughters criminal cases because their lawyers advised them not to.

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