MACON, Ga. — The first three phases of Macon's interchange project won't wrap up until 2021, but you can really see it starting to take shape from #Drone13. 

This time, the crew flew from the area of the new Riverside Drive overpass and I-75S. Crews recently opened a new section of that overpass, and tore out the remaining section of the old overpass. They are now in the process of rebuilding it to offer more travel lanes over the interstate. 

Phase 1 includes about 1.5 miles of I-16 East between I-75 and Coliseum Drive. It's supposed to be finished in summer 2021.

Phase 2 includes about one mile of improvements along I-75 North from Hardeman Avenue to the southern limit of the I-16 Interchange. You can see a lot of this section in the video our crew shot for this story.

Phase 3 is one of the major parts of this project and involves the construction of the northern lanes of Interstate 75 through the interchange. There are also a number of shots showing work along that section in our latest video. That section is supposed to be finished by winter 2021.

This video offers a completely different view from our flight back in July. That earlier flight centered more on the I-16 and Spring Street area. 

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Phases 4 and 5 will be bid out in 2021 and will include work on I-16 between I-75 and Walnut Creek. 

Phase 6 won't even be bid until 2023 and it includes nearly 1,600 feet of railroad tunnel under the interstate. 

The Georgia Department of Transportation has a website that highlights the plans and progress for the Macon Interchange project. You can find it here. 

#Drone13 will continue to follow and check out different sections of the project and its progress. 

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