The superintendent released a statement on Friday that students would be able to fly the American flag on their vehicles.

The statement says "students will be disciplined on an individual basis when an inappropriate flag is flown."


Crawford County's school superintendent says they're tired of settling flag disputes among students at their high school.

He said that's why the school has banned students from flying any flags from their vehicles -- including the Stars and Stripes.

Some people who contacted 13WMAZ about the matter said it started with a dispute about students flying the Confederate flag.

But Supt. Brent Lowe says that's not the issue now.

"It was interfering with education, we’ve got too many things going on," he said. "The principal told them no flags, and of course they showed up with flags on their trucks. "

"Our principal told them to take the flags down or get their vehicles off campus."

Lowe admits the decision by Principal Ed Ray Mashburn, a Navy veteran, has caused a social-media stir in Crawford County.

"We’re being portrayed as unpatriotic, but it has nothing to do with that," he said. “We fly the flag on our flagpole every day, we’re very patriotic.”

Lowe said the school's student handbook says the administration can keep any vehicle off campus, for any reason.

"Our primary purpose to educate kids, and for the last couple months, we’ve had issues with kids coming to school with various types of flags on their trucks," he said.

Lowe says the flag dispute involves just a "handful" of students, but declined to be specific.

"My principal was having to deal with it every day, settling arguments. Then you had other students making comments, now it’s a big social media thing. It’s become a distraction."

Lowe says no students have been suspended over the flag issue, but some students have declined to come to school without their flags.