Hangar doors open at Robins Air Force Base, but so do doors of kindness.

The Airman's Attic supplies service members with all types of clothing, household items, baby needs, movies and much more.

Eugene Elam searches through dress blues to get ready for his big day. He’s being promoted to senior airman.

Elam says the attic creates a smooth flight as he soars up the ranks.

"I got to make sure I look nice," Elam said.

The attic is also a place where veterans continue their service.

Volunteer Andrew Edgar was a Senior Master Sergeant, but remembers where he started.

"I was in that position where I needed that stuff before, and now I'm in a position where I'm able to give back to the others,” Edgar said.

Giving back is exactly what they do.

Airmen's Attic president Maytee Hernandez says this place helps bring familiarity to a new life on the base.

"Sometimes they're just starting out, just married, and we're able to at least give them that push, that head start that they need," Hernandez said.

Volunteers are glad to give back to those who have served or are actively serving to help cover the necessities of military life.

"It's a good feeling, to be able to see them come in and be able to help themselves to stuff that would've cost them a lot," Edgar said.

Airman's Attic is its own private organization and is staffed 100 percent by volunteers.

For more information on how you can volunteer, email teamrobinsaa@gmail.com

A previous version of the story incorrectly stated the attic is run by the Enlisted Spouses Club. It is its own private organization.