Willie Merrell's family plus a few from Priscilla Adams' family gathered in Byromville with a message for law enforcement.

"Since you got your answers in one week, we want our answers. We want our questions answered," said Antonyo Merrell.

Days after the GBI and Dooly County Sheriff's Office said Merrell killed Adams and Jashun Ingram and then took his own life, his brother Antonyo is disputing their findings.

He said the victims are dead and, "Now (police are) saying that the killer's dead. All that's a lie."

Antonyo Merrell says the investigation was rushed and not thorough enough, in part, he believes because the victims were black and lived in a poor neighborhood.

Other speakers at the press conference even accused another person of committing the crime.

Both GBI special agent in charge JT Ricketson and Dooly County Sheriff Craig Peavy declined to speak on camera or in a recorded phone conversation Thursday, but Ricketson did refer to his comments earlier in the week on the case.

At a press conference Monday, Ricketson said, "We know the shell casings match up through the firearms evidence, but then through DNA analysis, we know that Merrell's DNA was on that rifle."

He says that rifle was found within arm's reach of Willie Merrell's body.

Ricketson added that he deployed his entire office to the scene to investigate, something he says he'd do regardless of what neighborhood it happened in.

Sheriff Craig Peavy says he understands why the news would be hard to take. He says he'd be happy to sit down with the family to go over the case again.