MACON, Ga. — Grant's Lounge celebrated the Allman Brothers Band on Friday night. This is the 48th anniversary for Grant's Lounge and the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Allman Brothers Band.

The venue hosted an art show with some pieces that showcased the famous Macon band. Artist Johnny Mollica says he did poster work for them in 1999.

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"They've been an inspiration for me, artistically, my whole life, really. I listen to their music, and I make my art. Something about their music comes out visually in my painting," said Mollica.

Photographers like Kirk West snapped photos of Gregg Allman that hang on the walls. Kirk documented the musicians as they rocked out on stages in the '70s and '80s. He and his wife, Kirsten West, lived in the famous home on Vineville Avenue before it became The Big House. 

"Kirk had a wonderful career and we're proud of The Big House and the attraction it's become," said Kirsten. 

Other longtime friends of Gregg Allman like Chank Middleton also remembered him Friday. Middleton posted a photo of his newly-laid tombstone. 

Mollica says Grant's Lounge was the perfect location to combine music like the Allman Brothers and art. 

"Young guys coming up that play here at Grant's, they all know the Allman Brothers' songbook. They are great players. They grew up on that stuff," said Mollica. 

Yonrico Scott says he's played drums with the band before and did some artwork for members.

"This is a 22-inch drum head that I did for Gregg and his wife Stacey," said Scott, showing off the custom art as it hung from the wall. 

The art show is free all weekend, starting at 11 a.m. Artist Michael Pierce has clothing pieces in show inspired by the band.

"I have a friend in Maine who just built this 'Eat a Peach' guitar over at The Big House now," said Pierce. 

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Mollica says some local bands also performed at Grant's Lounge Friday with a few of their songs dedicated to the band.