MACON, Ga. — Amazon officially opened in July, but Friday, as part of their grand opening, city leaders got to tour the more than a million-square foot building.

Company officials say they're at 900 employees right now, and they plan to add 100 more.

Your next Amazon order could be waiting for you at the south Bibb facility, and we got to talk to some of the employees that could help get it to you.

It starts with Courtney Brown's department. He trains people how to use the machines which retrieve your item.

The machines lock onto a wire embedded in the concrete which locks so there is no human error.

Corey Landry, the general manager, says the south Bibb center is his third one he's helped get off the ground.

Landry led a tour to show some of the state-of-the-art equipment. 

"Hydrogen-powered trucks on the floor, zero emissions. The only thing they produce is water," said Landry. 

Landry says once Brown retrieves your item, it gets packed and boxed by employees like Kewanda Grayson.

Grayson says she already trying to get her 18-year-old son to apply for a job with her.

Amazon offers to prepay up to 95 percent of tuition if your degree is relevant to a career at Amazon.

"It's easy to move up as long as you want to move up, truthfully," said Grayson. 

At $15 minimum wage, Brown agrees. He says his friends all want to get a job here.

"I have 12-13 friends who work there right now, and I have 4-5 more that call me every day and ask, 'How do I do what you're doing?'" said Brown. 

Now, it depends on whether those positions will open up.

Landry says demand continues to grow for Amazon's products, they will look at hiring more.

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