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'She never texted them back': Crews search for Anitra Gunn at last spotted location

Anitra Gunn was last seen on Valentine's Day at a home on Chestnut Hill Road. The Peach County Sheriff says her car was found without a bumper near her apartment.

FORT VALLEY, Ga. — It's been three days since Fort Valley State University student Anitra Gunn was last seen. On Monday, a task force between Fort Valley police, the Peach County Sheriff's Office, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation formed to look for the student. 

Gunn was last seen on Chestnut Hill Road early Friday morning at her boyfriend's aunt's home according to Peach County Sheriff Terry Deese.

"We've also been out here searching the wood line, ditches, anything. We are just looking that will help us find Ms. Gunn," said Deese. 

Among the crews on the ground was Gunn's father, Christopher Gunn. He said he last spoke to his daughter more than 72 hours prior on Valentine's Day morning. He said her family and friends tried reaching out to her later on. 

"She never texted them back, didn't call them back. That's when we knew something is definitely out of whack," said Christopher Gunn. 

The missing student's friends shared their concerns on Twitter. 

One person said, "Anitra was the only person I hang around with almost every day."

Someone else pleaded, "Please speak up, my friend is still missing." 

Many people used the hashtag #FindAnitra.

Sheriff Deese says there are no suspects and law enforcement haven't made any arrests. He says they questioned Gunn's boyfriend and towed his car. Deese said the GBI will look through it as a part of the investigation. 

"In cases like this, we are not going to leave any rocks uncovered," said Deese. 

Gunn's father says Anitra's car was found damaged without a bumper on Belle Street. He says the car was found in a neighbor's yard Saturday near her apartment. 

Sheriff Deese says whoever has the bumper may know where she is. 

"We think that bumper is very important," said Deese. 

Sheriff Deese says the sheriff's office, Fort Valley police,  and the GBI will meet Tuesday morning to compare notes and continue looking for Gunn. 

If you know anything about the whereabouts of Gunn, you can call the Fort Valley Police Department at 478-825-3383. 


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