The annual Warner Robins Surplus Auction is back, with lots of items up for grabs. Yvonne Thomas has an inside look, one day ahead of the live sale.

It's a major clearance sale for Warner Robins. “My office is in charge of disposing all of the old city property,” said Procurement Manager Kim Demoonie. “A little bit of it comes from the police department from unclaimed property or drug busts.”

From lawnmowers to furniture, every item is marked and everything must go. “A lot of the stuff, I don't even know what's in there,” said Demoonie. “We have a lot of jewelry, a lot of nice jewelry.” Diamond rings, earrings, and Versace shades are up for auction.

There are also several old public works dump trucks for sale. “If you're a contractor or a heavy duty truck dealer, you may be interested in one of these,” said Gary Holle, Public Works Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor. “They've been well maintained and serviced regularly.”

If you're looking to ride a little closer to the ground, at least a dozen former police cars are up for grabs. “The police cars are from 1999 to 2003. They've held up pretty good,” said Holle.

There's more than 20 street lights available for purchase. The auction is Friday at 100 Bay Street in Warner Robins. Doors open at 9 a.m., and the live auction begins at 10 a.m. They'll accept cash and pre-approved checks only.