With the holidays just days away, you have to look out for potential fire hazards in your home that come with the season, like Christmas trees.

In a matter of seconds, a Christmas tree can go up in flames.

"There's always these warning videos of what can happen if your tree catches on fire," says Carol Melton.

We caught up with Carol Melton and Ebony Woolery to see if whether they like the real McCoy.

"I like a great big real tree, like 12 feet, 14 feet, but I find it hard to decorate it," says Melton.

"I stick more toward the artificial tree, not a real one, because I don't like to clean up the mess afterwards," says Woolery.

Brenda Thomas, Bibb County's Fire Prevention Director, says it's best to turn off the Christmas tree lights before you go to bed.

"A lot of tree fires are really not common, but however, if you have one it, can be very potentially dangerous, very life-threatening," says Thomas.

Thomas encourages everyone to grab a fire alarm, check the string of lights for empty bulbs, and to keep the tree away from the outlet.

"Three feet away from all combustibles, and don't put it near a heat vent because it will dry it out, and also, again, it has to be watered daily," says Thomas.

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, three out of every four house fires caused by a tree involved a natural tree, even though most families have artificial trees.

Those numbers suggest that the natural trees are more dangerous, and Thomas agrees.

"The artificial because it doesn't pose as many potentials. That live tree, if they don't keep it watered, that's a potential by itself, so it won't dry out, and again, they both pose an electrical issue. But probably, artificial is going to probably be the better one," says Thomas.

Thomas reminds everyone to have a working smoke detector, the Macon Bibb County Fire Department will install one for free. Contact them at 478-751-9180.