WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — Driving down the road in Warner Robins, you probably see roadside food stands often.

Are roadside food stands legal?

It's something that was brought up at Monday's Warner Robins City Council meeting.

13WMAZ set out to verify.

Councilman Clifford Holmes raised concerns about these roadside food stands. 

"This was a big issue several years ago about people serving food out of cars under the trees and what have you. We need to readdress," Holmes said.

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He pointed out that the corner of Watson Boulevard and Davis Drive is where he frequently sees these stands.

Is it legal to sell food on the side of the road in Warner Robins?

Former Warner Robins City Attorney Jim Elliott says no.

"The rule is you cannot, in Georgia, engage in a commercial function on publicly owned property without there being some sort of permit in place from the local government," he said.

Elliot says the city does not hand out permits like that at this time.

The Warner Robins City Ordinance states that peddlers, who typically do not sell food, are allowed to apply for a permit.

John Mitchell from John's Mexican Restaurant says he understands the concern.

"Growing up with it, not a big deal. It doesn’t scare me at all. But, as someone in the restaurant business, I mean I can understand how people would want to know for sure where the food is coming from and that it’s safe," Mitchell said.

He says when the health inspector comes to their restaurant they look at food handling, temperatures, where the restaurant is putting the food and how it is stacked in the freezer.

Neither the Georgia Department of Public Health nor the Food and Safety Division of the Georgia Department of Agriculture license or inspect these types of food stands.

The Food and Safety Division will only inspect the stand if there has been a complaint.

So, the answer is no. It is not legal to sell food on the side of the road in Warner Robins because the city does not hand out the proper permit to do so.


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