The attorneys representing Arlana Haynes' parents met with Warner Robins police again Friday morning.

Haynes is the 6-year-old girl killed in a Houston County bus crash in January and police charged the bus driver Sharlita Jackson Harris in her death on Thursday.

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13WMAZ's Jacob Reynolds spoke with the two attorneys, David Dozier and Teddy Reese after Friday morning's meeting.

The two say the meeting was to get them up to speed on the investigation.

When asked if yesterday's arrest of the bus driver, Shalita Harris provided any sort of comfort for their clients, they both said it brought forward more questions and was similar to ripping a scab off of a wound for the family.

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Dozier says police told them there could be more to come.

"Well, what we have learned this morning is that the warrants that were served yesterday were not the only warrants that are being pursued," Dozier explained.

"There's still lots more investigative materials that he is searching for, Officer Tippio, and we are not at liberty to discuss what the nature of the other warrants that he is pursuing are for and for whom they are searching for."

We also asked both attorneys if they'd be pursuing legal action against Houston County schools.

They said they were leaving all options on the table and that news on that could be released in the next few days.

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Dozier is representing Arlana's mom, Angelica Rose while Reese is representing Arlana's father, Christopher Haynes.

Harris, the bus driver turned herself in on Thursday on warrants for a felony charge of homicide by vehicle in the first degree and reckless driving, a misdemeanor.

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According to the Warner Robins police and family attorneys, this is an ongoing investigation.