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'Think darts, but with axes:' Axe throwing venue open in downtown Macon

The sport has become extremely popular around the country, and now an axe throwing venue is opening in downtown Macon.

MACON, Ga. — A cutting edge sport has hit Macon -- it's called Maniax. Players grab a hatchet, aim, and throw.

Quintin Bohan, Maniax Managing partner, says, "Think darts, but with axes."

Where it hits the board determines the amount of points a player gets. 

Axe throwing started out as a backyard sport in Canada. Now, it's moved indoors. Bohan says it's becoming a popular activity among family and friends. 

Bohan says, "I like throwing darts, but after throwing these it's a lot different. It's just something primal, throwing an axe, Viking, I guess. I don't know, it's also actually a workout."

The idea of throwing a tool meant to chop wood may seem intimidating, but Bohan says it's completely safe. 

Bohan says, "The axes are non-sharpened. We don't sharpen them, you can get them and run them over your hand. It's just using the weight of the axe to separate the wood."

The game is supervised by someone trained in the unique sport. Coaches give instructions beforehand, help with technique, and watch out for any safety hazards. 

Bohan says, "We want you to sink it in the wood. We don't want you to just not have a good time."

Bohan says eventually Maniax will sell beer and wine. To play, you pay $24.50 a person for an hour session. 

This is the first axe throwing venue to come to Macon. Other places in Georgia that have them include Atlanta, Cumming, and Athens. 

The grand opening is Tuesday, November 26th, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Maniax is located at 497 2nd Street Suit B in downtown Macon 

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