MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — One Central Georgia deputy just celebrated a world championship win with her softball team.

Meagan Pearson's work on the diamond pays off every time she climbs into her Baldwin County cruiser.

Pearson made a good pitch to Sheriff Bill Massee.

"Meagan Pearson came to us as an unknown and within five minutes of an interview, I offered her a job," he said.

"I enjoy serving the community and helping people any way we can," Pearson said.

For Meagan, she's wanted to do two things since childhood -- play softball and be in law enforcement.

"If I ever got out of teaching and coaching -- because I used to do that for about five years -- if I ever got out of that, I was going to be in law enforcement," she explained.

Now, she patrols the roads in Milledgeville and during her time off, she plays the sport she loves.

"I play in the women's USSSA Slowpitch League. It is nationally known and we compete against everyone else in the United States at the highest caliber you can possibly play," she said.

And Meagan's team just brought home a world championship trophy this month!

"It still seems surreal and we still keep making posts about it on Facebook and Instagram because it's just a moment you can't get back," she said with a smile.

Sheriff Bill Massee really believes playing softball makes Meagan a better deputy on the road. She donates 15-20 hours a week of her off time to Georgia Military College high school softball players.

"I'm extremely proud of her to not only represent Georgia and the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office, but I look at her at representing our entire community," Massee said.

A community she serves and protects... and leans into her softball skills to get the job done.

"As far as the people skills and social skills, you have to have both the quick thinking and the attentiveness [and] quick reaction skills on your feet. Both play a part," she said.

It's a home-run combination. Meagan plans to go out for the Team USA women's baseball team next year.


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