With no major accidents reported in Baldwin County Wednesday, lots of people spent the afternoon having fun and searching for snow.

WMAZ even found some snow piled up around Lake Sinclair. A lake house resident said it's usually "cool" around the lake, but Wednesday, it was freezing as temperatures dropped below 30 degrees.

Snow blanketed roofs, docks, and front yards Wednesday morning before beginning to melt around noon.

Across town, lots of businesses closed their doors Wednesday for the winter weather, but that didn't stop some people from driving to Starbucks, braving the cold for a warm cup of coffee

Georgia College canceled class Wednesday, but some students and pets still came to campus to play in the rare snowfall.

"It's beautiful. I've been in Milledgeville four years and this is my first day being in town for a snow day," says GCSU student, Sam Archbold.

Some students even crafted snowmen, a rare sight for people in Central Georgia.

Baldwin County EMA director, Wayne Johnson, says they will continue to monitor for icy conditions on bridges and overpasses Wednesday night.