The Baldwin County Sheriff’s office says 35-year-old David Renfro appeared before a magistrate judge, and he is charged with the murder of 49-year-old Rita Henon.

The sheriff’s office says Renfro is being held in the Baldwin County jail with no bond.

Renfro allegedly shot and killed Henon at the K and C Short Stop gas station Tuesday afternoon.

Captain Brad King from the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office says Renfro has been in the Baldwin County jail five times previously. The first time was in 2002.

King says Renfro has been charged with a felony but never with a violent crime.

He also says Renfro has a history of mental illness, and they are looking into that as a possible cause of the shooting.

According to the sheriff’s office, Henon was walking out of the gas station with two of her grandchildren when Renfro came out from behind an ice box and shot her in the head.

The sheriff’s department has video of the incident from surveillance cameras at the store, but they are not releasing the footage.

King watched the video and says this is one of the worse cases he has ever seen.

“It's one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen in my career. It’s more or less just a textbook assassination,” says King.

King says they’re still investigating, but they do not think Renfro and the victim knew each other.

King says from what he has seen, it appears Renfro would have shot whoever was the next person to walk out the door.

The sheriff’s office says Renfro asked for an attorney, but he made no further comment.