Three times in this school year, we've told you about guns inside Baldwin County Schools. One of those times, the gun discharged inside a classroom. The Baldwin Board of Education is now considering new safety rules to keep kids safe.

Dozens of parents from across Baldwin County finally got the chance to hear what districts leaders plan to do to keep their kids safe after those incidents.

“I am scared of dropping my kids off, not knowing what will happen during the day, not being able to make contact with them,” Shontraye Hurt said.

Superintendent Noris Price says, many times, these incidents spawn from events outside of school.

“Those issues that are taking place in our community tend to come into our school,” Price said “That’s where parents come in. By helping us to create that barrier of not allowing that to come into our schools, and for those issues that are happening in our community to not define our school district.”

She says to help prevent problems from spilling over, they are looking to implement new safety procedures. They plan to add metal detectors at both the middle school and at the high school. Price says they also want to ban cell phones for all students, keeping them focused on instruction.

“Nothing is foolproof, so we know that, but this is an additional layer of safety that we're putting in there that would at least minimize things coming into our schools,” Price said.

As for Hurt, she thinks it’s a step in the right direction, but wants even more.

“They’re saying they’re doing this for the middle school and the high school. I feel like they should do it for the elementary school, too, because they are kids that need to be protected from guns also,” Hurt said.

Price says if approved at next month's board meeting, they'll start using the metal detectors on February 14th.

There is another parent meeting on February 6 at Oak Hill Middle at 5:30 p.m.