Tom Glover, President of Bike Walk Baldwin, says it wasn’t easy clearing the Bartram Forest Trails to make way for cyclists and joggers. He says that the project took 4 years and over 3,000 hours to complete. He had help from Bike Walk Baldwin and his daughter’s youth cycling team at Old Capital Racing.

Glover is one of the coaches of his daughter’s team. He says the kids were practicing on trails that were too advanced and they were getting hurt. He says that Bartram Forest Trails were the perfect location for the team to practice, but the trails were in bad condition. The team stepped up and people volunteered through Bike Walk Baldwin to restore the trails that haven’t been cared for in 20 years.

He says he has seen it make a difference for a lot of children on his daughter’s cycling team. “A lot of those students come from disadvantaged families, so this is their only opportunity to go out and experience these kind of things,” said Glover

At the Bartram Forest Trail there are 3 trails -- a 6.5-mile beginner trail, a 8.5-mile intermediate trail, and an 11-mile intermediate-advanced trail.

The trails are open to the public. Glover says that he is happy that the trails are being used by people in the community. “To me, one of the biggest advantages of having this trail is being able to come out and see how many families enjoy this place every weekend. Every weekend, the parking lot is full,” said Glover.