If you've ever been to downtown Macon before, chances are you've passed the Bert Maxwell Furniture company.

But did you know it has been around for 45 years?

Though the family has been in the business for way longer than that, they say they have been dealing with furniture for over a hundred years when Bert Maxwell Sr. started his own business -- that was back when they used a horse and buggy to make furniture deliveries.

Now, the furniture business has been in the family for four generations.

"My granddad was in Augusta. My dad had the building next door to us here actually in Macon for Maxwell Home Furnishings and he retired," said Bert Maxwell III. "When I got out of school, he set me up here in this building, which was the old Johnson Brothers building."

They say there's a secret to staying in downtown Macon for so long.

"The secret is hard work, good customer service, and the quality goods that you provide. You can chase the malls and they're going to continue moving but downtown Macon is the heart of the city and the reason we've stuck around. We're glad to see that downtown Macon is on the rise again,” said Bert Maxwell IV.

The building has six floors filled with furniture show rooms.

Bert Maxwell IV says he now has a 7-month old son, who he will let decide if he wants to take over the family business when he is old enough.

He says he always swore he wouldn't join the family business, but it always called him back.