Bibb County could make the first step toward closing its landfill at Tuesday's commission meeting.

Commissioners could vote on an ordinance that would use $2,884,258 of SPLOST funds to begin filling in the 90-acres on Walker Road.

“The landfill is actually a living creature,” said Director of Solid Waste Kevin Barkley.

From the top, the landfill looks like a large field full of wild flowers, but beneath the wildflowers are more than 40 years’ worth of trash.

“We'll have to come in here and put down 18-inches of red material, clay material and compact this nice and tight. Then we'll come back and put six inches of soil on top of that, so we can grow vegetation like you see now,” said Barkley.

He says they need to start preparing to close the Walker Road landfill because it will be full within another five years.

Barkley says the SPLOST fund would go towards engineering and paying for equipment.

“It’s going to take about a half a million cubic yards of dirt to close that. That's roughly about 25,000 truckloads,” said Barkley.

The plans also include looking into sites for a new landfill, which Barkley says is extremely important.

“Yard waste material, their construction material, their garbage, their bulky waste all those things they expect to get rid of would not have any infrastructure here in Bibb County for that,” said Barkley.

If approved Tuesday, this ordinance would still need approval from the full commission at the following Tuesday meeting.