For many students in Central Georgia, the school year is winding down and summer fun is right around the corner.

While many students are looking forward to their break, one organization wants to help them learn year round.

A nonprofit named Book 'Em is giving away over 2,000 books to students at Bruce Elementary to help prevent "summer slide," or learning loss.

From movie-inspired paperbacks to award winning bestsellers, each of the 430 students get to pick out five books to take home.

Bibb deputies also came out to help students pick up their summer books.

The idea is that if you 'book 'em' then maybe these deputies won't have to book them later.

Founder of Book 'Em, Katie Powers, says the kids' reactions are what motivates her.

"Last night, I was so excited. It was like Christmas Eve. It really and truly just to see the kids come in and see their eyes light up when they see the books," said Powers. "These are children who don't typically get to go to Barnes & Noble and pick out books, so for them to be told these are your books. You get to pick out any books you want and keep them just seeing the expression on their face is completely priceless," she said.

Book 'Em has given out more than 10,000 books in the past three years.

If you want to donate to this organization, click here.

Powers says by donating just $10 dollars can help get seven new books.